Creative Writing Challenge

The Camillo Sitte Bautechnikum
Creative Writing Challenge
Cash Prizes!

Winner takes 100 EUR.
Two runners-up 25 EUR each.
A maximum of 24 participants – first come, first served


What’s it all about?
We want to give budding story-tellers the chance to show their mettle.

How to join?
Sign up by sending an email to K.Mundprecht(at) with “CSCWC” in the subject line. All students of the Camillo Sitte Bautechnikum Tagesschule may take part.

What to do to win?
On a yet to be announced day candidates gather in a PC-room and will complete a story prompt producing an as original and as interesting short story as they can dream up in as grammatically and idiomatically correct a way as they can manage.

Who is on the jury?
The worthy jury consists of our esteemed headmaster, Prof. Khayat, and teachers of English, Prof. Dier and Prof. Mundprecht. Your text will be read and assessed anonymously.

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